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It didn’t hurt March 29, 2013

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Yesterday afternoon, The Baby had her five year old physical. Of course, the number one question she had when she realized she was going to the doctor was, “am I going to get a shot?”


“I’m not sure,” I told her. Really, I wasn’t.


The doctor and I chatted, then did her thing with The Baby and said, “She is due to two vaccines and a hemoglobin. The vaccine is given as a combo.”


And the screaming began.


I had to use both arms and legs to hold her while the nurse did her thing. She actually tried to bite the nurse, which surprised me. The thing that was most interesting about this experience is that as she was actaully getting the injection she stopped screaming and watched, and as soon as it was over, she said, “It didnt hurt… it didn’t hurt!” Then she promptly said thank you to the nurse when she gave her a band-aid.


Fierce January 9, 2011

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In the last few weeks I have really noticed how fiercely independent The Baby has become. While Lucy never really went through the ‘terrible two’s’, The Baby sometimes has a severe case of it. She is adamant about what she is or is not going to wear, right down to her undies. She vehemently fights tooth and nail for her independence.

For instance, Lucy is 14 months ahead of The Baby in age, and she can surely dress herself. I’m not sure exactly when she acquired this ability, but it was just a transition she went through, and she has no issues with the task. The Baby on the other hand, I can say, sometime early this fall, started to INSIST that “ME DO IT!” She could dress herself before that point, but it was no big deal, there was never a fight, and she would wear whatever she was given. Now, on the other hand, she refuses any help other than verbal directions about putting things on so that they are not backwards.

Tonight she was tired. No nap this afternoon, it was getting a little past ‘normal’ bed time, and she was obviously exhausted. Enter temper tantrum. She is the first little of mine to ever throw an all out bloody-murder-screaming-flailing-arms-kicking fit.

It just amazes me how different siblings can be. My three loves are about as different as they could possibly be without coming from different ends of the world. Sometimes I wonder how the two girls can not be more alike, considering how close they are in age, in addition to the fact that I maintain the same expectations from both of them. It just goes to show that really, we are all made with the touch of the Master’s hand.

While Lucy has a very strong personality and she is very independent, I could not use fierce to describe her. Fierce pretty much sums up The Baby in one word.

Fierce- Marked by unrestrained zeal or vehemence; furiously active or determined.

That’s my baby!